Quinoa, mimosa et Chorizo

Quinoa, mimosa and Chorizo

By Jean Imbert
Jean Imbert, renowned Chef, inspiring personality and friend of the House created a gourmet and generous proposal to share, imagined to match the fruity notes of Champagne Rosé Veuve Clicquot.


You'll need

  • 200 g white quinoa, 2 shallots
  • 1 lemon/1 lime, ½ bunch of flat-leaf parsley
  • 1 bunch of chives, 2 zucchinis
  • 50 g vieille Mimosa, 100 g chorizo
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 1 tsp sesame oil
  • Freshly ground salt and peppe
  • Fleur de sel
Cook the quinoa in boiling water (with a pinch of salt) for 10 minutes, then drain it in a colander and cool it down with cold water.
Peel and chop your shallots, then fry them in a pan for a few seconds. Wash your zucchinis, slice them with a kitchen slicer or mandoline (1/2 cm thick), then sear them in a frying pan but only briefly so they stay crunchy. Chop the remnants of your zucchinis, then sauté them as well. Wash your herbs, then chop them as finely as possible.

In a stainless steel bowl, combine the quinoa, shallots, and zucchini remnants. Grate your lemon and lime and extract their juice.
Finish by seasoning your salad with olive oil, sesame oil, salt, and freshly ground pepper.
Remove the skin from your chorizo, then cut the chorizo into 1 cm pieces and fry for a few seconds in a frying pan. Make some mimosa shavings.

Preparation: Arrange the quinoa mix at the bottom of your dish, add your zucchini slices, create alternating layers of chorizo and mimosa shavings, and finish with a pinch of fleur de sel.


Jean Imbert

@jeanimbert grew up with his grandmother’s cooking and was running his own imaginary restaurant by the time he was 10. Years later, his beloved grandmother and the flavors of his childhood would inspire his restaurant @Mamie, in Paris, with long communal tables. #NewMakers #LiveClicquot #JeanImbert
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