The Veuve Clicquot Portrait Series

The House introduces a series of photographs highlighting women and men as the experts of some of the savoir-faire at work at Veuve Clicquot. Each portrait represents their contribution to the wine excellence of the House, as a tribute to Madame Clicquot herself, who demanded “Only one quality, the finest”. It also shines a spotlight on this selection of team members who represent a House that is going to celebrate its 250 years in a few years.

Marcellin Massy, Vineyard Supervisor

Along with a team of supervisors and 35 to 80 winegrower (depending on the season), I manage ​​400 acres of growing areas across several vineyards of La Côte des Blancs and the village of Ay. My goal is to ensure the quality of the grapes from the sustainably managed vineyard while protecting : the environment, the terroir authenticity, the winegrowers safety and health regulations. The seasonal growing pattern starts in November. It is punctuated by multiple activities “manual and mechanical work” and ends with the harvest when the grapes are pressed. 

​What else ? Since a telethon organized by some of the House’s winegrowers, I am passionate about cycling!

Pierre Casenave, Oenologist

In my department we have to be versatile. The core of our mission is obviously the winemaking. We take part in selecting the parcels by tasting berries and overseeing the whole process. Then, with Dominique Demarville, the Cellar Master, oenology committee we conduct tastings to create the blend. We also have development and innovation projects.​

What else ? I have a new hobby, yoga, and I also enjoy watching old movies.

Vincent Drezet, Winegrower

I am a winegrower. I’m am in charge of the daily work and care of the vineyard throughout the seasonal cycle (manual and mechanical work), in order to pick the grapes during the harvest season, at the core of the champagne making. I particularly enjoy the pruning process, as well as the grapevine maintenance (mechanical weeding, pinching back…).​ My position requires lots of patience, precision, curiosity and of course a good knowledge of the life cycle of the vine.​
What else ? I am passionate about nature, which I enjoy when at work but also during my spare time : walks in the forest and hikes, and wildlife observation.

Gaelle Goossens, Oenologist

My position covers all stages of the champagne making process: the harvest, period in which I manage a pressing and vinification center, tastings and blending and  from the harvest, to the tasting and blending, research and project management.​

What else ? I’m also an epicurean! I always start with picking a wine before finding the perfect food to pair it with.

Mario Iria, Cellar Worker

As a cellar worker I manage the wine storage in the cellars, work hand in hand with the laboratory for special requests and even conduct riddling and racking operations. The position requires precision and organisation. I also value a transmission a lot, and I really enjoy explaining my work while conducting demonstrations. I can share my savoir-faire and enrich the guests’ knowledge on champagne making.

Gilles Arnould, Winery Worker

My role requires precision, from the harvest to the bottling. Vinification in oak barrels calls for rigor, dedication and passion. Each harvest being unique, you have to constantly re-adapt in order to reach excellence. ​

What else ? I’m proud to be part of the making process of such an amazing product!

The Veuve Clicquot Portrait Series was created with French photographer Roman Jehanno, an artist renowned for his work featuring grandiose landscapes in which a person plays the key role. Trained at the École des Gobelins, Roman Jehanno received the Hasselblad Master award in 2014  for the first part of his series “Le Coeur de l’Homme à l’ouvrage”, portraits that capture the beauty and pride of men and women every day as they accomplish their life’s work. Roman Jehanno’s portraits for Veuve Clicquot are a reflection of his unique and captivating style.

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