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Cheese Pairing with Veuve Clicquot Rosé

At Veuve Clicquot, our wine-food pairings are born through invention not convention. Not just en apéritif, champagne and cheese make unexpectedly great company, forgoing small talk to reveal the other’s best side long into the night. Discover surprise matches that once tasted, become une évidence. Serve up Rosé Veuve Clicquot, Yellow Label or Extra Brut Extra Old, with these top three picks from the cheese board.

Rosé Veuve Clicquot with Fresh Goat’s Cheese

Melting and refined. Soft and salty. When this wine of character, with its full-bodied flavors meet the delicate softness of Fresh Goat’s cheese, opposites attract. The creamy texture of the goat’s cheese subtly reveals the Pinot Noir blended within this Rosé. Serving to turn up the accent on its ripe red fruity notes.

Fresh cheese, without rind. Young. Goat’s. International.

Rosé Veuve Clicquot with a young Mimolette

Tangy and fruity. Textured and supple. When Rosé Veuve Clicquot meets Mimolette – they share their instant fruitiness followed with a distinguished dry aftertaste. The palate discerns the Pinot Noir blend within the Rosé, revealing its raspberry, strawberry, cherry and blackberry  in all their wild fruitiness. Your chosen Mimolette should be six to eight months young – to reveal its full fruity character. Serve in small pieces. And to fully savor its flavor, alone, without bread.

Hard cheese. Young. Cow’s. Northern France.

Rosé Veuve Clicquot with Ossau Iraty

Tender and salty. Fruity and sophisticated. Fine and elegant.  Rosé Veuve Clicquot and Ossau Iraty enjoy instant recognition in the other’s light saltiness and finesse. A product of its terroir, Ossau Iraty cheese is made in a defined geographic area, where the sheep’s custom diet gives its unique character. Serve in small pieces, with cherry conserve for that extra gourmandise.

Hard cheese. Light maturation. Sheep’s. South-West France.

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