Madame Clicquot’s bold heritage

Veuve Clicquot’s story is one of boldness, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. In 1805, Madame Clicquot took the reins of the House after the death of her husband, at a time when women could neither work nor hold a bank account.

Over the years, Madame Clicquot revolutionized the field. The ridding table to achieve crystal-clear champagne? That was her innovation. The first-recorded vintage champagne? That was hers, too. The first blended rosé champagne? She was behind it. Madame Clicquot had to face numerous obstacles before she was ultimately respected and called la grande dame of Champagne. The name is only fitting: this bold woman had big dreams for her House to transcend borders: “I wish my brand to rank first in New York like in Saint Petersburg.” (Madame Clicquot, 1831).


Highlighting a community of bold women around the world

First created in 1972 to celebrate its 200th anniversary, the House created an award – the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award – to honor this bold woman. For 50 years, the House has awarded businesswomen who have built, taken on or developed a business. To date, 350 women in 27 countries have been honored.

Bold By Veuve Clicquot, a program designed for impact

Bold, in response to society’s evolution since 1972. The models of women’s success no longer stop at the borders of the business world.

Bold to better understand the personality and strength of these daring women.

Bold to think about inspiration beyond the purely business dimension. To understand these women with multiple paths and achievements who have become an inspiration for other women in all fields.

Bold by Veuve Clicquot becomes a program redesigned for more inclusion, more impact and more international visibility. A program structured around key phases throughout the year, around the world, with the Bold Woman Award at the heart of it all (previously known as Business Woman Award, thus allowing us to keep the award’s acronym BWA).

This award will continue to highlight women entrepreneurs, make them visible and give them a voice. Our mission? To identify the Role Models of today and tomorrow. The women who inspire through their own journeys. The women whose names will become synonymous with boldness.



The candidate must be a woman who founded or has been CEO for more than three years of a company headquartered in UK.

The candidate must have made a significant contribution to the success of her company by instilling her sense of entrepreneurship.


The candidate must have made a tangible contribution to the transformation and evolution of traditional processes in her field, and which have supported growth for at least two years.


The candidate must bring values of ethical change to the company and its direct ecosystem, such as improving environmental impact, fostering a supportive work environment and engaging in inclusive social change.