Color is more than what meets the eye. It is the language for all that words cannot express. Color is a feeling. 

The latest chapter of Creative Markers is inspired by the Maison’s collaboration with the Italian ceramist Paola Paronetto. A partnership conveying a shared message of optimism through the art of color.

With the 2015 vintage of La Grande Dame as her canvas, the artist presents six new gift boxes painted in one of her signature hues. From this rainbow of bold and beautiful possibilities, the Maison invites you to use your creativity to express how you feel with the vibrant spirit of the La Grande Dame as your muse.

What is the color of your emotion?

Jimmy Marble

Jimmy Marble is a photographer, director, and muralist living in Los Angeles, CA. His work is characterized by its use of color, irreverent aesthetics, modern surrealism, and pop. His photos have been published in Vogue, Marie Claire, Paper, Time Magazine, and The New York Times while his short films have been featured on Nowness, Vimeo Staff Picks, Short of the Week, The Tribeca Film Festival, and across the internet at large. His photo monograph Dream Baby Dream was published by Chronicle Books.

Colors paint the emotions of our story. Our exceptional vintage, La Grande Dame 2015 sparkles in shades of gold, a radiant reflection of our Grand Cru's solar energy. Our Creative Maker, Jimmy Marble, wants to paint the world mint, the color of abundance that fuels his boundless creativity.

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Lavinia Cernau

Lavinia Cernau is a travel, fashion and lifestyle photographer whose work has a specific emphasis on mundane moments suspended in time, bathed in a very unique golden, cinematic light. Lavinia's visual perspective brings together colour, light and narrative for a sense of nostalgic freedom and lived-in, authentic scenes.

Our Creative Maker chooses blue, the color of dreams which instills her with the courage to be bold:

« Dreams are only as big as we let them to be and I feel we should allow ourselves to dream bigger and bolder, Lavinia says. I loved capturing the brilliant spirit of La Grande Dame, observing the light and creating with shadows and contrast, a process that takes time and introspection in some way. I find I always follow the light in my work and take that sparkle with me in my personal life as well. »

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Pia Riverola

Photographer Pia Riverola spent her formative years living in Mexico and now divides her time between the vibrant cities of Los Angeles and Mexico City.

With a profound appreciation for intricate detail and a remarkable command of color, Pia weaves captivating visual stories that span the diverse realms of fashion, still life, landscapes, and architectural photography.

Inspired by this chromatic symphony, Creative Maker Pia Riverola further explores the relationship between color and emotions. She chooses to paint the world dark blue, the color of joy to her.

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Andoni Beristain

Andoni Beristain is a Basque photographer, art director and graphic designer born in a small village in Northern Spain in 1989. Since he was a kid, he’s been fascinated with shapes, colours, observing the world and fitting (or not) in it. After 14 years living in Barcelona, he now lives in San Sebastian; his roots are essential to understanding his aesthetics.

Stories can be told in many ways. For Andoni Beristain, it’s all about finding a connection with whoever is looking at his creations, making people wonder, look beyond and, above all, appreciate the good things we take for granted.

Wanting to bring serenity to the senses, Creative Maker, Andoni Beristain, chooses lavender, the color of elegance to him.

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Candela Pelizza

Argentinian model and influencer Candela, moved to Italy where she started her modeling career. She then started her journalism career. In 2014, she joined Lampoon magazine where she worked as executive editor. It was there that she began to adopt a creative art director approach to every project she undertook.

Our Creative Maker, Candela Plizza, draws inspiration from Madame Clicquot’s joyful visions, embracing the color teal - a shade that embodies the essence of crafting your own world. What colors do you radiate?

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Simon Schmidt

German-born and London-based Photographer, Art Director and Social Media Consultant, Simon Schmidt, crafts stories that coherently explore the concept of movement.

Simon places human form at the heart of his creative, drawing on his former background as a dancer. His work is driven by inherent curiosity and appreciation for the relationship between human and object.

Our final Creative Maker, Simon Schmidt, envisions an optimistic world painted in silver. A color that resembles something echoing and grounding, enhancing our strengths and shining in our best light. 

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La Grande Dame 2015

For this new vintage of La Grande Dame, master of color Paola Paronetto meets the expression of Veuve Clicquot's excellence with an exclusive collaboration. Six unique gift boxes in a shower of hues from her very own color palette, infused with emotion, optimism, and produced sustainably.