Bold Woman Award

Bold Woman Award Belgium

On January the 24th 2024, Veuve Clicquot presented the third Belgian “Bold Woman Award” and “Bold Future Award” prizes, designed to inspire generations of women to be more daring.

Bold Woman Award Belgium 2024 WInners
Bold Woman Award Winner

Marion Schoutteten - CEO of Orta

Marion Schoutteten (33) grew up in Roubaix, the epicenter of the French textile industry. At the beginning of her career, she decided to move to New York and later to London – two environment of creativity where all kinds of styles merged. The seeds of her urge for exploration and her fondness for fashion was laid there. She later moved to Brussels, where she noticed a void in the fashion world. She missed not only the digital side, but also the ethical side. However, that is the obvious path to the future. That crucial insight inspired her to found the brand Orta a unique, ethical and affordable fashion, made in Europe.

Bold Woman Award Belgium 2024 WInner Marion Schoutteten
Bold Woman Award Belgium 2024 WInner Amandine De Paepe
Bold Future Award Winner

Amandine De Paepe - Founder of Insentials

Nutrition scientist Amandine de Paepe founded Insentials out of necessity. After studying biomedical sciences, she specialized in nutrition. For years she worked in the pharmaceutical sector, but she found the holistic approach too little there. In 2021, she launched Insentials, a digital platform based on science that offers women personalized vitamin and nutrition schedules and tailored advice offers. Insentials' mission: to help all women live a healthy life by making sure their deficiencies in nutrient deficiencies.

Bold Woman Award

Muriel Bernard - CEO eFarmz

Florence Derck & Diane Van Impe - Founders Demain Art

Béa Ercolini - Founder & CEO Beabee Business Club

Perre Gurdjian - President of the Board of Directors of the ULB

Pierre Hermant - CEO finance&

Carole Lamarque - Member of the Board - Port of Antwerp CEO & Founding Partner DUVAL UNION innovative marketing

Amélie Matton - CEO Ecosteryl

Chloé Stefani - General Manager Moët Hennessy Belux

Martine Van Den Poel - Executive Leadership Coach

Pauline Van Ostaeyen - Co-fondatrice de Dockflow

Bold by Veuve Clicquot,
a program designed for impact

Bold by Veuve Clicquot becomes a program redesigned for more inclusion, more impact, and more international visibility. A program structured around key phases throughout the year, around the world, with the Bold Woman Award at the heart of it all (previously known as the Business Woman Award).

This award will continue to highlight women entrepreneurs, make them visible and give them a voice. Our mission? To identify the Role Models of today and tomorrow. The women who inspire through their own journeys. The women whose names will become synonymous with boldness.

Bold by Veuve Clicquot, a program designed for impact

Bold Open Data Base

The latest gift to women’s entrepreneurship, Veuve Clicquot has
launched in 2022 the first ever women entrepreneur's database
that registers and promotes women entrepreneurs
around the world. Without cultural, geographical or technological borders. Unleash the power of data for the benefit of every single female entrepreneur across the globe.