By Manato Ueno
The balance of the rice, blending different types of rice with various umami and aroma, and acidity of the vinegar was key for this pairing. Including sushi rice and traditionally prepared fish, a hint of spicy pineapple ginger lurks between the colorful vegetables and fruits. Crab and avocado lie in the center of the sushi, with a touch of refreshing taste of sudachi.

No matter where you bite into, you will be able to enjoy the texture, aroma and umami of the sushi. Try Manato Ueno's Tazuna-zushi recipe below!

For 2 servings

You'll need

  • -Rice; 1/4 flounder;
  • -1/4 fillet of red tuna (akami);
  • -1/4 fillet of medium fatty tuna (chu-toro);
  • -1/4 fillet of salmon;
  • -10 kibinago (silver-stripe round herrings);
  • -Kelp (to cure white fish);
  • -1/4 mango; 1/4 red bell pepper;
  • -1/4 yellow bell pepper; 1/2 cucumber;
  • -10 shiso leaves; 100g crab avocado;
  • -2 sudachi; 1/2 avocado;
  • -100g crab meat flake; 50g pineapple ginger;
  • -200ml pineapple squeezed juice;
  • -80g white sugar; 100g sliced ginger;
  • -30ml rice vinegar; 40ml water
1. Make kobujime (curing with kelp) of flounder.
2. Sprinkle salt on salmon and tuna.
3. Wash rice and soak in water for 30 minutes.
4. Slice ginger and simmer in pineapple juice and amazu (sweet vinegar)*1.
5. Slice bell pepper into strips and marinate in amazu (sweet vinegar).
6. Slice cucumber and sprinkle with salt.
7. Combine the crab meat flake and avocado, then squeeze sudachi in the mixture.
8. Cut the flounder, salmon and kibinago into long strips.
9. Cook rice. Once the rice is cooked, pour it out into Handai (large sushi-oke bowl), add vinegar and mix quickly as if you’re cutting the rice.

1. Prepare a makisu (bamboo rolling mat) and lay sarashi (cotton cloth) on it.
2. Arrange the pre-cut fish, vegetables and fruits on sarashi (cotton cloth) without any gaps.
3. Place shiso leaves on top of the lined-up ingredients.
4. Layer the pineapple ginger on top.
5. Spread the crab avocado mixture above the pineapple ginger.
6. Finally, evenly place 150g of rice on the top.
7. Roll the finely layered ingredients in the makisu (bamboo rolling mat).
8. Cut into bite-sized pieces.


Manato Ueno

Born in Tokyo in 1987.

After graduating from high school, he learned traditional techniques and how to handle ingredients at a renown sushi restaurant in Ginza. Through his training, he expanded his own career. He then came to opportunities to support restaurants in various countries outside of Japan.

After teaching the basics of Japanese cuisine in Vietnam and Italy, he was entrusted with the management of a sushi restaurant in MGM MACAU CASINO RESORTS. Now, he has returned to Japan working as a chef for private parties as well as serves as a private chef to individuals.

Since 2020, he has been working as the head chef at MGM CASINO RESORTS.

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