By Irene Berni
"My eyes are drawn to details, to frugality, to the light, to natural fabrics and materials."

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You'll need

  • 1/2 kg of stale bread
  • 20 cherry tomatoes
  • 200 g of high-quality tuna in oil
  • 4 fresh spring onions
  • Salted capers
  • Red wine vinegar
  • Salt and oil
In a large bowl, place the bread cut in cubes and moisten with 500 ml of water. Crumble with your fingers.
Slice the tomatoes and onions in thin rounds. Mix these ingredients in a separate bowl along with the capers, season with wine vinegar and the oil from the tuna. Pour this seasoning on the bread and mix until uniformly blended. Add the tuna cut in pieces, season with extra-virgin olive oil and garnish with chopped celery.

Serve chilled.


Irene Berni

Irène Berni is an Italian entrepreneur and author of two cookbooks. Her authentic personality, full of creativity, embodies an ideal of harmonious and luminous living. Constantly on the lookout for new ideas and projects, she creates recipes and leads workshops and retreats that celebrate the beauty of the little things. When not in Valdirose, a poetic pseudonym used for her blog, she browses local markets and antique shops. Irène’s vision of a benevolent and joyful life is enveloping.

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