Héloise Brion, Irene Berni and Sabrina Goldin

Sabrina Goldin is originally from Argentina. She’s the co-founder (with her husband, Stéphane Abby), of the Parisian restaurant Carbon. An ode to sharing and nature, the restaurant perfectly reflects the values of the couple. And in the kitchen, Sabrina makes use of the most ancient cooking element in the world – fire. Héloïse Brion worked in fashion before dedicating herself to cooking and founding the famous website Miss Maggie's Kitchen, where she shares recipes and tips with culinary arts enthusiasts. Irene Berni is an Italian entrepreneur. She runs a bed & breakfast and is the author of cookbooks.


Assortment of summer salads and Veuve Clicquot focaccia

By Héloise Brion, Irene Berni & Sabrina Goldin
Inspired by fresh ingredients and bright colors and bursting with positive energy, Héloise, Irene, and Sabrina created a menu that each of these three New Makers describes as “super feminine.” For these young chefs, the decision was easy: they wanted to make recipes that they would like to eat – and share! After all, each believes that nothing quite captures the heart of convivial and sustainable cooking like sharing. A typical plate? Joyful, harmonious, loaded with fruits and vegetables, and perfect for parties and get-togethers. With a unique touch of sensuality that the chefs create together.