Summer tomatoes with tahini cream,strawberries and chili oil

Summer tomatoes with tahini cream,
strawberries and chili oil

By Frederik Bille Brahe
Frederik imagined a recipe to pair beautifully with a glass of Yellow Label, offering a perfect balance of structure and finesse.

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You'll need

  • Tahini cream:
  • -100 g. tahini; ½ pcs of garlic;
  • -100 g. water; 35 g olive oil;
  • -25 g vinegar; 15 g Soy sauce;
  • -2 g salt; 4 g sugar;
  • Ceviche dressing:
  • -2 g. beetroot juice; 10 g. chili / pimenton oil;
  • -10 g. lemon juice; 10 g. lime juice;
  • -2 g. soy sauce ; 2 g. fermentet lemon liquid;
  • -Salt + piemnet d’espelette;
  • Chili / pimento oil:
  • -10 g Smoked paprika; 4 pcs ancho chilies;
  • -2 pcs Cloves of garlic; 200 Vegetable Oil;
  • -2 g. Fine salt;
  • Salad:
  • -400 g. mixed summer tomatoes;
  • 40 g. pitted green peas ; 40 g. strawberries;
  • Herbs:
  • -Mint; Pea sprouts;
  • -Anis hispo
1. Start out by making the tahini cream. In a mix start by combining the tahini, garlic and the water. When this is homogenous then ad the rest of the ingredients to the blender – keep spinning until its fluffy and light. Set aside until serving.

2. Then make the dressing for the ceviche, wisk together the lime juice, lemon juice, beetroot juice, lemon liquid, chili oil and soy sauce season with a little salt.

3. Toast the paprika in a saucepan over low heat until it turns to a rust color, add the ancho chilies and the garlic and pour over the oil, let it cook at 70 degrees Celsius for 50 minutes. Strain the oil through a fine mesh twice – avoid adding getting the small bitts of paprika in to the finished oil since they are bitter.

4. Slice the tomatoes and the strawberries in a nice way set a side until serving. Keep them separated, blanche the peas in salted water, refresh in ice water, set aside until serving.

5. Organize the herbs so they are ready for serving.

6. Take 4 semi deep plates. Place a spoonful of tahini sauce in the bottom –place the tomatoes and strawberries on top, lay them I layers, add a generous spoonful of the dressing and sprinkle with peas on top, finally dress the plate with the herbs.

7. Serve with knife for and spoon -and of course a glass of champagne.


Frederik Bille Brahe

Frederik Bille Brahe has had several lives, from DJ to innovative chef, and he brings a new perspective on healthy and balanced cooking. His vision of cooking is at once simple, abundant and addictive. He is an arts lover, and its was in his restaurant and bar, Apollo Bar and Kantine, located in Cophenhagen, that he was one of the first to celebrate and reinvent the idea of a typical museum café. The chef saw it as a way to transcend art and social exchange. His effervescent spirit allows him to create unique dishes, highlighting “hero” products.

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