Bold Woman Award and Bold Future Award Netherlands 2021

The Bold Woman Award & Bold Future Award were created to keep the boldness of Madame Clicquot Ponsardin alive. 

On October 11, 2021, this award - now under the name Bold Woman Award - will be presented for the 39th time to an exceptional business woman. This year it will be presented by Master of Ceremony Marije Knevel and led by an expert jury with Ms. Annemarie Jorritsma as the chairman. 

Sign up at the link below and watch the ceremony online, starting at 6:00 pm


Through the Bold Woman Award and the Bold Future Award we want to stimulate female entrepreneurship. For both the business woman who already belongs to the established order and for the starting female entrepreneur. The Bold Woman Award offers a platform for impactful and international visibility, with which we want to give a voice to the business woman and female entrepreneurship. 

Do you want to know which top business woman will win this year's Bold Woman Award? Make sure to sign up to watch the ceremony live on Monday, October 11 at 18:00.


In addition to the Bold Woman Award 2021 ceremony, this year a young female entrepreneur will be named the winner of the Bold Future Award for the first time. With this award we offer a platform to female entrepreneurs who make bold choices in their business - just like Madame Clicquot Ponsardin.

Three powerful, but above all bold entrepreneurs, have a chance to become talent of the year on Monday, October 11. In the running this year are Femke Furnée (FEST), Paulien Wesselink (O My Bag) and Steffy Roos du Maine (Mindful & Miljonair, among others). The talent of the year will be chosen by an inspiring jury consisting of three former businesswomen of the year: chair Ms. V. Van Eijkelenborg (2016), Ms. E. Doets (2017) and Ms. A. Kuypers (2018).

On October 11 at 18:00, one winner will be chosen to call herself the Bold Future winner of 2021. Register quickly at the link down below and watch the ceremony live.