Veuve Clicquot RICH Rosé


Maison Veuve Clicquot unveils RICH Rosé, an easy-to-drink champagne, ideal for every occasion, every season. Crafted to be served on ice or very chilled, there is no easier way to enjoy champagne under the sun.


Veuve Clicquot's new RICH Rosé cuvée draws on more than 250 years of winemaking expertise to offer a thoroughly modern way of enjoying champagne. Delicate, fruity and dazzling, RICH Rosé celebrates summer and brings a touch of the French Riviera to any occasion, anywhere in the world.

Contains sulphites.


Tasting Notes


For more than 250 years, Maison Veuve Clicquot has elevated blending to a fine art.

Today, its latest cuvée, RICH Rosé, offers the ideal association of fruity, gourmet flavors, as the sweetness of strawberry, raspberry and redcurrent blends with exotic notes and peppermint.

Bottle of RICH Rosé champagne with two glasses by a pool
Bottles of RICH and RICH Rosé champagnes
Glasses of RICH and RICH Rosé held by women by a pool
RICH Rosé bottle
Pinot Noir
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up to 45%
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Enjoy RICH Rosé
experience at its best

Veuve Clicquot's RICH Rosé cuvée is at its most expressive when enjoyed on ice or very chilled at 4°C (39.2°F).

At Veuve Clicquot, our serving ritual is to fill a glass halfway and gently add an ice sphere. An ideal accompaniment for sunny days on the terrace and balmy summer nights.

RICH Rosé will be best paired with dishes such as smoked fish, spicy fruit salad, sweet potato or even chicken skewer yakitori.

Bottle of RICH Rosé champagne with a glass and ice sphere
Glass of RICH Rosé champagne with an ice sphere
Bottles of RICH and RICH Rosé champagnes with ice spheres
Glass of RICH Rosé champagne with an ice sphere
Bottle of RICH champagne


The RICH Rosé cuvée finds an ideal counterpart in RICH, an ideal blend of fruity, gourmet flavors, with exotic pineapple and mango brightened by pear and cool notes of lemongrass and verbena.

Sun Club azur strips
Sun Club azur strips


From the rooftops of Paris, beach clubs of Forte dei Marni to Mykonos or irresistible dance tracks in Ibiza, the Sun Club is a must for experiencing Veuve Clicquot’s effortless, chic art de vivre.

Where better to enjoy the sun and discover the new RICH and RICH Rosé? Explore the interactive map below to discover the Sun Clubs in the planet most festive spots.

Sun Club Playlist

Compiled by Maison Veuve Clicquot and the music lovers and DJs at Radiooooo, an exclusive Sun Club playlist cues up a "RICH" French Riviera vibe — chic, chill and ready to dance the night away.