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The House’s audacity springs from Madame Clicquot’s exceptional destiny, as you may discover with this new Veuve Clicquot podcast. With a simple click, dive into her singular life story and listen to the way she became one of the first business women of her times – a story that goes well beyond champagne.

Episode 1
Episode 1: The founding of the Clicquot House
You probably know her as the great Veuve Clicquot: Barbe Ponsardin was a child during the French Revolution and grew up in a society in which women were not predestined to rule any kind of business. So how does it all start? Well, it all begins in the royal city of Reims…
Episode 2
Episode 2: A new life chapter
In the year 1798, Barbe Ponsardin and the young François Clicquot get married…in a family cellar. A sign of destiny? It seems; A new life chapter for them, and for the Champagne’s world.
Episode 3
Episode 3: Dreams for eternity
While Madame Clicquot keeps an eye on the field, François and his salesman Louis Bohne travel through Europe, opening new markets. Every day is a new flavor, a new discovery, a new challenge. Tomorrow she will face one that will mark her for life.
Episode 4
Episode 4: The defining moment
Devastated after the death of her husband, the young widow Clicquot is about to make a revolutionary decision at a time when women have no say…
Episode 5
Episode 5: The young widow : a partner & apprentice
In 1806, defying all conventions, Madame Clicquot convinces her father-in-law to let her lead the Clicquot House. One non-negotiable condition is made: She will have to sign with a partner and learn from him.
Episode 6
Episode 6: The art of shipments overseas
To cross the borders: This was François Clicquot’s dream, and aim. Madame Clicquot is ready to pay tribute to her late husband, opening up new horizons.
Episode 7
Episode 7: The rise of “la grande dame de la Champagne“
The 19th Century is a new era of astronomical discoveries in history. Everything in the sky seems marvelously possible! For Madame Clicquot, it enables a remarkable wine production, well-known today under the name Vin de la Comète.
Episode 8
Episode 8: A fateful decision
As the Napoleonic Wars are edging to the end Madame Clicquot knows that the maritime trade will kick start again. The embargo will end and, with peace coming, people will express the desire to drink good champagne again: The Clicquot House has to be first.
Episode 9
Episode 9: The Russian klikofskoé’s Triumph
Madame Clicquot sends a ship taking the Russian route. She and her faithful salesman Louis Bohne are about to write a pivotal moment of the House’s history.
Episode 10
Episode 10: Madame Clicquot’s sparkling inventions
As the Champagne industry is booming, Madame Clicquot needs an excellent champagne, and she needs it fast. The brilliant businesswoman soon understands she will have to control the production process. How? By initiating new ideas, starting with an original table…
Episode 11
Episode 11: The sky’s the limit: A shooting star spreading
Now Madame Clicquot has all the cards in hands: Groundbreaking innovations, Russian admiration… Next step? To unfold her empire from Reims to all the corners of the world.
Episode 12
Episode 12: Audacious handover
In the last quarter of her life, Madame Clicquot works on the transmission of her company. It is time for her to secure the future of her empire, as the one of her family…
Episode 13
Episode 13: The Queen of Reims
At the end of her life, Madame Clicquot spends her time with her beloved ones at the Château de Boursault. More than a name, she will leave them an heritage, and the memory of joyful, elegant and audacious occasions.
Episode 14
Episode 14: La grande dame, landing among the Stars
Breaking all the rules, passionate and adventurous, Madame Clicquot’s history is an example to every woman. She has inspired many of them, starting with her own great-grand-daughter: Anne, Duchesse of Uzès and…Suffragette!
Episode 15
Episode 15: Champagne dreams go on!
Madame Clicquot’s spirit makes it throughout the ages: Her legacy is audaciously powerful. The most celebrated widow is still today an eternal source of inspiration, and she won’t end surprising you.
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