Keep fresh & keep cool with one of the most unexpected fashion collaborations. The must have Summer accessory.​
Coming from the runway to you.

Together, Veuve Clicquot and K-WAY have reimagined the Clicquot Ice Jacket. 15 years ago, Maison Veuve Clicquot first innovated the stylish, high-tech isothermal jacket to enjoy champagne whenever and wherever you go.

Today, Veuve Clicquot surprises once again with a covetable creation, revealed at K-WAY show during the Milan Fashion Week 2021.


At the centre of this collaboration remains the promise of the perfect tasting experience. Its special​ triple-layer design featuring the signature waterproof, windproof and resistant​ K-WAY® materials will keep your champagne cold for up to two hours. Come rain or come shine, you can brave the elements to share your bottle of Yellow Label with friends – anywhere, anytime.

A fresh collaboration made in France

Veuve Clicquot and K-WAY® share a natural connection based​ on their bold optimism, contemporary creations, sense of​ style and love of color. At Veuve Clicquot, nothing​ expresses the House’s outlook better than its iconic sunburst​ hue, Clicquot Yellow.​ This is echoed in K-WAY®’s own design signature: the brand’s​ yellow, orange and blue tape expresses their contemporary,​ technological, and colorful values.​

This item makes a style statement

Veuve Clicquot and K-WAY share a natural connection based on their bold optimism, contemporary creations, chic sense of style and love of color.

Keeping it chilled for up to 90 minutes on-the-go

Beyond sleek aesthetics, this collaboration is functional outerwear for the Yellow Label bottle, keeping it chilled for up to 90 minutes on-the-go. Come rain or come shine, you can brave the elements to share your bottle of Yellow Label with friends – anywhere, anytime.


In a signature Veuve Clicquot​ move, the Ice Jacket gets a fashionable​ second life. With a simple fold, it transforms​ into an actual-size waist bag for​ you to wear.​ The waistbag is also a wink at K-WAY®’s origins; the label has​ long been known for its nylon windbreakers that fold into a​ waistbag. So strap it around your waist, sling it over your​ shoulder – this bold trend is yours to enjoy.​

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