Veuve Clicquot Italia Speakeasy x Petite Rich

On Thursday 4 July, Veuve Clicquot organized a mysterious event in collaboration with Pasticceria Cova. Shhhhhh… it’s a SPEAKEASY!!! featuring the new Petite Rich.

For the occasion, the Cova Garden was turned into a “location” that guests could only enter after giving a “secret code”. Inside, there was a special bar where Veuve Clicquot’s mixologists offered two Signature Cocktails with Veuve Clicquot Rich, one based on rose syrup, grapefruit, coriander and orange, and the other with green apple, cucumber, strawberries, apple syrup and mint.


The guests tasted the cocktails along with exquisite finger food created by Cova: from mini burgers with assorted cured meats to “Loch Fyne” salmon rosettes, from curry baskets with crisp vegetables to an orange flavored cheese cream with pearls of balsamic vinegar.

To revive the atmosphere of the Prohibition era and the chic retro flavor of the ’20s, there was a live performance by the Mustacchi Bros, a Puglia band famed for their wide repertory of standard jazz, swing and Dixieland, not to mention the Italian classics, revisited and rearranged for a combo of brass, banjo and percussion.


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