Because music is a universal yet personal language that invites everyone to be part of the moment, we've curated exhilarating playlists of dreamy and groovy tunes, just for you; let these playlists transport you into Veuve Clicquot radiant world.

All 8 Playlists are also featured on the brand’s certified account on Spotify. Just look for “Veuve Clicquot” in users and subscribe to the only official account! 

Veuve Clicquot surprises and brings a smile with its new Clicquot Tape Collection which welcomes the iconic Yellow Label cuvée. Veuve Clicquot marries beauty, style and utility to create unique objects spark aesthetic, joyful and positive emotions. 

To complete the experience, discover the “So Retro” playlist to be enjoyed with this Yellow Label.

This playlist is a groovy and chic blend of modern music from new talents and remixes of classic tunes to be played at our brand hotspots: Terrasses Clicquot. Perfect mood to enjoy outdoor experiences, all year long!

Cool and classy, retro but contemporary, the Rosé playlist showcases the generosity of the cuvée to highlight the Sharing concept; an invitation to a warm, casual but chic, sharing experience. Indulge yourself and live the moment in this soft and elegant atmosphere.

The night playlist is a compilation of old-school house anthems, Nu Disco and modern Electro to set the party mood for your Night and Yelloween experiences. Feel the heat of this groovy playlist under the midnight sun.

From dreamy covers to uplifting pop remixes; let this playlist take you to the solaire and radiant world of Veuve Clicquot. This playlist was created to instill the Retro, Chic! spirit in any Clicquot occasion.

This is the soundtrack of Garden Gastronomy; an ode to the nature’s gifts. Divided into 4 seasons, La Grande Dame playlists will accompany your culinary experience in each season. This sophisticated mix of retro soul and jazz wonders was crafted to elevate a unique gourmet experience.