Manato Ueno

After graduating from high school, he began his culinary career as a sushi chef at a historical high-end sushi restaurant “Ginza Sushi Karaku”, where he learned the basics of handling ingredients using traditional techniques. He gained experience and knowledge of the importance and benefits of using seasonal ingredients, the ways of using the knife to match different ingredients, how to present food on the dish as well as hospitality. After his apprenticeship, he took the next step and decided to leave the restaurant to extend and expand his career. As a sole proprietor, he took the opportunity to support restaurant in Japan and many other countries, including “Ginza Hakkoku” and “MGM Macau”.

After teaching the basics of Japanese cuisine in Vietnam, Italy and Macau, he is currently based in Japan. While working as a chef for private parties hosted by the entertainment industry and others, he will be the head chef at IOC (International Olympic Committee) - related facilities during the 2021 Summer Olympics. His accurate service and excellent hospitality are highly appreciated and valued from various fields.

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