Inspiration in bloom tells individual stories that mature to a community - the bundling of beliefs around
'What Makes Me Bloom?'

Inspired by the thoughts of iconic Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama for La Grande Dame 2012, 10 Creative Makers from around the world come together to spread messages of joy, love and optimism. Unfolding in four acts,the serie is a promise, encouragement and reassurance - inspiring communities to live every day the Veuve Clicquot way: audacious, bold, joyous and considerate.

Discover more about these inspiring souls and their sources of creativity

'Hope, Optimism and Serendipity’

Alice Gao  is an NYC-based still life, interiors, and travel photographer. She strives to create beautiful narratives with impactful and soulful imagery.

What makes her bloom creatively is the notion of “serendipity” — the unexpected moments on a shoot that can ultimately be more inspirational than anything that could have been planned or intended. She feels that leaving room for those accidents and being open to them is one of the best parts of the job.

'Hope, Optimism and Inquisitiveness’

Simon Schmidt crafts stories that centre around momentum and movement. He always places human form at the heart of his creative, drawing on his former background as a dancer. His work is driven by inherent inquisitiveness and appreciation for the relationship between human and object.

“What really makes me bloom? Is inquisitiveness. I see living in the city almost like a dance. It’s a place full of energy. But you have to move around, reach further, discover the unknown. But, enjoy! Don’t forget to observe the world with a child’s freshness, celebrate the good things in life. Love? Be open. Find your own way of inspiration. This is what drives me every day anytime at any place.”

'Hope, Optimism and Performance’

Marcelino Sambé is currently a Principal dancer at The Royal Ballet where he has risen through the ranks to become the second male black dancer to achieve this position. His personality prospers through the expression of movement. Expressive, distinct, captivating — the evocative power of his dancing seamlessly turn into memorable moments.


“This collaboration with Veuve Clicquot has been so enlightening and creative. This year hasn’t been easy in so many different ways, but one of the things that I have missed the most is to perform to in a full theatre, so I found it fitting to use the word “Perform” to express ‘what makes me bloom’."

'Hope, optimism and creativity’

Young French photographer based in Nantes, Laurent Castellani has the art of taming natural light to sublimate the raw beauty of his models. The wind that caresses the dunes, the sand of the Breton beaches, the ripple of the ocean ... Through a grain, colors, a vibration, he works each shot like an emotion.

"The creative process is vital for me, without creation it's like a little death, I can't see myself doing anything else."

'Hope, Optimism and Possibilities’

Jiawa Liu is a Chinese born, Australian raised, and Paris-based creative multi-talent and digital tastemaker. Her artistic expression stretches across disciplines of visual storytelling, from painting to photography and motion graphics. Coming from a career in law she found her revelation as a creative director of her creative studio Beige Pill Productions, creating and capturing with her own brand of unparalleled ease.

"I think the world is full of wonders that are waiting for us to experience it, both out in the real world and also in our own imaginations. What makes me bloom? Possibilities."

‘Hope, Optimism and Playtime’

Born in Seoul and now based between London and Warsaw, Shini Park  is a contemporary storyteller. Through her multidisciplinary study, CUBICLE - a bi-annual book series, she lives her unparalleled vision for soulful narrative. Her imagery speaks sophistication throughout. She inspires her community with her conscious, humor-led approach to life and most importantly — her heartfelt love for creativity.

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” (George Bernard Shaw)
"To play is to be curious, lighthearted, and humorous - I believe it’s what inspires rich, authentic expressions and bold creativity."

‘Hope, Optimism and Freedom’

Mike Tyus  is a dancer, choreographer, and creative director from Los Angeles California. He has been performing and creating dance for the stage, print, and screen for over 15 years. Tyus has worked with Cirque Du Soleil, Pilobolus Dance Theater, Whim Whim Contemporary Dance, Danny Elfman, Sidi Larbi Cherkoui, W Magazine, The Broad Museum, and Jacob Jonas The Company. Community and Creation are at the core of Tyus’ mission and continue to drive his efforts in crafting work that feeds the human spirit and reflects the times in which we live in.

“The ability to be, to feel, to move. That is freedom. That’s what makes me bloom.”

'Hope, optimism and thoughts hidden inside'

Multidisciplinary creator Tondabayashi Ran draws inspiration from universal topics and ordinary life. To translate her vision into creations, she uses collage techniques, illustration and three dimensional effects. Totally unexpected with a touch of oddity and humor —her creative works speak diversity and capture the heart of culture lovers.

‘Hope, Optimism and Reinvention’

It was through fashion photography that Alice Kong discovered the world of images, before turning to directing. Expressing herself through a rich palette of saturated colors, she manifests in her films an attraction for absurdity and extravagance, tinged with humor and emotion.

"I chose the word 'Réinvention' because it echoes my creative process, which consists sometimes unconsciously and haphazardly mixing film references, personal memories and fragments of life, in order to recreate a new piece."

‘Hope, Optimism and Discovery’

A continuous visual narrative runs through Minh T’s images, inspired by architecture, nature and geometry; they are thought provoking and romantic, as if each image is part of a prevailing fairytale. With a background in graphic design and architecture, his work nevertheless eschews an overly technical approach and instead runs with feeling, fantasy and emotion.

“To me, having a sense of wonder and to continue to pursue beauty with fresh eyes have been a driving force in my creativity. I love to look for the unexpected -- a beauty that might exists in mundance places, a beauty that is often ignored. This sense of discovery is what continue to excite and propel my work into the future.”