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Special holiday recipe - Charles Compagnon

For Charles Compagnon, champagne is much more than just an aperitif. To illustrate its versatility, he has chosen to combine the mineral intensity of Veuve Clicquot's Yellow Label champagne with the richness of burrata, the slight sweetness of grilled squash and the crunch of roasted pumpkin seeds. A simple yet stylish way to enjoy champagne at dinner or lunch.



Squash: Roast the squash whole, each wrapped in 2 sheets of aluminum foil, for 40 minutes to 1 hour in the bottom of the oven. Check the cooking regularly. The flesh should be soft but hold its shape. Leave the squash for 10 minutes and then remove the seeds with a large spoon. Allow to cool. Cut into irregularly shaped pieces, max 2x2 cm. 

LGD 2008

Burrata: Season the burrata pieces in a bowl with fleur de sel / pepper / olive oil. Creamy burrata: Mix the burrata in a blender with lemon juice / olive oil / salt / pepper. The resulting cream must be smooth and homogeneous. Put into a piping bag. Roasted pumpkin seeds: Dry oven 40 minutes at 130 °C. Shake the pumpkin seeds during cooking to ensure even browning. Herb vinaigrette: Honey 300g, salted soy sauce 500g, sweet soy sauce 200g, olive oil 800g, roasted peanuts (130 °C 30 minutes dry oven), chopped parsley, finely chopped thai scallions.

LGD 2008

LGD 2008

Presentation: 3 spoonfuls of burrata and 5 to 6 pieces of squash, herb vinaigrette (mix well), 3 dots of creamy burrata, roasted pumpkin seeds, chopped scallion, pepper, mizuna

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