Life’s little surprises deliver the most beautiful stories

Starting in March 2017, we start our new campaign „Be Prepared“ – because there are enough spontaneous surprises and little occasions which deserve a glass of Veuve Clicquot.

The most beautiful surprises don’t happen on special days or occasions. They happen unplanned and spontaneously. They occur suddenly and turn a normal day into an extraordinary experience. One should be prepared for little surprises like this. Prepared to appreciate them appropriately.

„Be Prepared“ – not only for the big celebrations

As of March 2017 we start a new campaign called „Be Prepared“, which frames spontaneous events perfectly and gives a finishing to life’s little surprises.

„It is always worth having a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in your fridge, because you never know when the next occasion comes up“. That’s the core statement of our campaign, which will take place at the POS, on social media channels and at events.

Influencers from the blogger scene

Influencer marketing is going to play a central role. We partner with five very different social media celebrities who represent Veuve Clicquot and „Be Prepared“ in their own unique ways:

- Bonnie Strange, model and TV personality
- Anni, author of the successful fashion blog „Fashionhippieloves“
- Masha Sedgwick, blogger with own podcast
- Michael André Ankermüller, author of the blog „Blog Bohème“, freelance journalist and marketing consultant
- The two sisters Jules and Maria-Silva Villbrandt, authors of the blog „Herz & Blut“

Show me your fridge and I will tell you who you are

Those influencers tell us how they celebrate little occasions with the hashtag „LiveClicquot“. They furthermore give us an exclusive insight into their fridges, which reveal a lot about their lifestyle and show us a very personal side.

A 360-degree campaign to be proud of

The „Be Prepared“ campaign isn’t merely a social media campaign, it will be activated in stylish bars and restaurants, selected department stores as well as in our Veuve Clicquot flagship boutique at the Alsterhaus in Hamburg.

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Fashionhippieloves: Sparkling excitement 2017 is a particularly exciting year for fashion-blogger Anni, as she will marry her loved one. And to avoid that her wedding preparations turn into stress, Anni is taking enough time to enjoy the feeling of the engagement – preferably with a glass of Veuve Clicquot.


Bonnie Strange: Always up for a good surprise Life’s little surprises are the best reasons to celebrate, to dance and to laugh. Despite her travels and her constant meetings, Bonnie Strange manages to stay spontaneous and to let life surprise her. And that works best with Veuve Clicquot.