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Distinctive and powerful, each Vintage is the unique expression of a single harvest chosen for its remarkable quality and loyalty to the House’s style. Vintages with exceptional qualities and unparalleled aging potential are carefully preserved for decades at the heart of Veuve Clicquot’s chalk cellars in Reims, making up the Cave Privée.

Vintage Brut 2004

Vintage 2004, the House's 64th vintage, is a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to Roger Zèches, Cellar Master from 1941 to 1969. Born on August 7, 1904, he took over from his father and left his indelible mark on the post war vintages. The 1904 harvest was abundant for the time and proved one of the best of the early 20th century. History may or may not repeat itself, but these two cuvees, separated by exactly a century, owe their beginnings to similarly beneficial conditions.

The exceptionally good weather conditions in September 2004 allowed the abundant crop of grapes to ripen beautifully. So between September 23 and October 13, we harvested some exceptional grapes in excellent conditions.

The Pinot Noir wines are fruity and full-bodied; the Chardonnay wines show a lot of distinction, and the Meunier wines add a touch of gourmandise.

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Brilliant gold

Fine bubbles


Hints of toast and brioche

Dried fruits

"One of the best vintages since the great 2002, this is a sophisticated, fruit and yeast- driven wine. It has a delicate touch, with its white fruit flavors well integrated into the toasty and tangy texture. It will age for many more years."

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September 2012


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Episode #2 : Marie-Pascale, Manual dressing

Episode #2 : Marie-Pascale, Manual dressing

Marie-Pascale was born and raised in Champagne, as were her parents. She works in the specialty bottle-labeling workshop, meticulously dressing the most distinguished bottles of the House – often by hand. This job is a true art form that can apply leather, plated gold, or other high end quality materials. The first thing you notice about Champagne is the bottle – so it must be perfect – to represent the quality of Veuve Clicquot. Discover Marie-Pascale’s story.

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Vintage 2004

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