Stefano Cavada and Elena Arce

Elena is Spanish and Stefano is Italian. But their cuisine is anything but typical! Elena hails from the South of Spain, while Stefano is from the North of Italy. Together, they create subtle and unique Mediterranean cuisine that combines elements from both land and the sea. Elena’s sunny and feminine flavors are fortified by Stefano’s powerful culinary influences from Germany. The result? Dishes made for sharing and celebrating…and chock full of character and authenticity!


Mini focaccia galore and Apricot crostata

By Stefano Cavada & Elena Arce
The sun-drenched focaccias go perfectly with our Brut Carte Jaune. Redcurrants, lemon, and fresh chives subtly highlight the citrus notes of the champagne.
The crostata is delicious with our Brut Carte Jaune champagne. The acidic taste of the apricots is reminiscent of grapefruit and tangerine, while the frangipane pairs nicely with the aromas of croissant and brioche.