A program to help face the aftermath

The world is going through an unprecedented crisis that shows our degree of interconnection, our dependence on each other, and there have been magnificent outbursts of solidarity. This crisis can accentuate gender inequalities or be an opportunity to re-imagine tomorrow. Together with Veuve Clicquot, we share an optimistic vision and a desire to make concrete change. It’s in this context that we created the SISTA x BOLD program: hundreds of hours of discussion and mutual support between entrepreneurs and investors of varying levels of experience to overcome this crisis.

Tatiana Jama, co-founder of the collective SISTA.

Fatoumata Ly et Céline Favy Huin
Hélène Boulet Supau et Hela Atmani
Jerome Lecat et Charlotte Le Blan
Marc Menasé et Helene Gheysens

A shared ambition

SISTA X BOLD responds to Sista and Veuve Clicquot’s shared ambition to encourage a generation of diverse leaders and to embolden successive generations of audacious female leaders.

Our Maison has worked alongside women entrepreneurs for so many years, it would have been unthinkable for us not to respond to our community’s call in the face of this unprecedented crisis. Even though the crisis impacts us all, more than ever we want to support these entrepreneurs during this period. We are pleased to be able to engage in this with Sista.

Jean-Marc Gallot, CEO of Veuve Clicquot and  SISTA x BOLD mentor.