HÉloÏse Brion

After 15 years in fashion, Héloïse Brion, Franco-American, decided to dedicate herself to her passions: cooking and the art of the table. In 2017, Héloïse founded Miss Maggie's Kitchen, an homage to the old Norman building which inspires her with recipes shared around large, joyful tables. Her essentials are authenticity, respect for products, and creating beautiful tables and family traditions. Héloïse shares her recipes, travels and favorites on, on social networks and via the lifestyle press. Héloïse is a committed, sincere and luminous woman. Generous and inspired, she welcomes us into her warm family kitchen in her book Chez Miss Maggie's Kitchen. Teeming with ideas, Héloïse is writing her second book and is about to launch her first art de vivre collection… discover it very soon!