Iker Erauzkin

Chef of the restaurant UMA* in Barcelona - Spain

Currently, Iker runs UMA Restaurant in Barcelona with his wife Anna Yébenes, a revolutionary hospitality concept that goes against the status quo and where the diner is the main protagonist. Adapting their menu every week cater to the freshest products from the garden, sea or land.


From Garden Gastronomy x Espacio Uma...

...arises a unique opportunity to eat and drink the roots of the earth in which the power of plants and vegetables is paired with the unique intensity and elegance of La Grande Dame. A unique coalition in exaltation of the most natural beauty.

A unique coalition in exaltation of the most natural beauty. Take this opportunity to experience Garden Gastronomy by reserving a table on the UMA website. Select November 20 or 27, then choose “Garden Gastronomy menu” in the “Select a product” drop-down list.

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Emotion, effort and attention to detail
At UMA, Iker offers his most personal and revolutionary cuisine and his contemporary gastronomic dissemination, bound by the maximum commitment to local produce and its seasonality with a deep respect for the land.
UMA, from swahilli, “fork”, is a space created to enjoy the best gastronomy in a warm, cozy and modern atmosphere in the center of Barcelona. In 2004, Iker Erauzkin decided to create his own and intimate space, with no more than 30 people per service, where he could directly offer his most personal cuisine. It is at that moment when UMA is born, a revolutionary restaurant, a space that reverses the rules and allocates all the resources at its disposal to the delight of its guests. To adapt their menu to the freshest products from the garden, the sea or the land, every week Iker adapts his know-how and experience by designing a menu with all the seasonal ingredients that his suppliers and partners can provide.
Veuve Clicquot Garden Gastronomy and Uma shared values and the same cosmological vision. At Uma we have the maximum respect for the land and concentrate all our savoir faire in designing a gastronomy that allow the guest to discover all our history, our tradition and vision.
Iker Erauzkin

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