Veuve Clicquot unveiled “The New Makers Collective”, an international collective of creators from different countries, with multiple cultural origins and eclectic universes. United by the same passion, they are committed to sharing a new perspective on cooking. Joyful, contemporary incarnations of Madame Clicquot, they form this creative bubble in which they harmoniously blend their multiculturalism and savoir-faire.

This collective and effervescent adventure came to life in Reims, France as part of an atelier where freedom mingled with creativity. During a weekend at the Manoir de Verzy, these personalities approached the world of champagne, combining it with gastronomy free from limits or boundaries.

The New Makers à table


Cooking, inventing, improvising, being inspired: this is the framework Veuve Clicquot imagined for this first workshop.  With four hands – and sometimes six – Jean Imbert, Eyal Shani, Mory Sacko, Stephane Abby, Sabrina Goldin, Heloise Brion (Miss Maggie’s Kitchen), Charles Compagnon, Victoria Effantin (Mamiche), Stefano Cavada, Irene Berni, Mike Sonier, Helena and Ana Arce shared their talents in a kitchen opening onto the estate’s vineyards. With joyful and contagious energy, they created recipes inspired by the themes “Fresh take on champagne” and “wandering cuisine”. Beyond the dishes born from this act of sharing, the New Makers also infused a creative and inspiring energy.

Mike Sonier, Stéphane Abby & Jean Imbert

Fire for grilling, smoking, braising, and as the magical ingredient for recipes created with six hands...with wood fire, Mike Sonier, Stéphane Abby, and Jean Imbert, a trio of chefs from three different continents, have discovered the element that naturally highlights their skills and influences and makes their menu irresistible. Their watchwords in the kitchen? Freedom and simplicity. And of course, pleasure. The pleasure of sharing unique moments of creativity, and of combining Veuve Clicquot Rosé champagne with the finest seasonal ingredients.

Stefano Cavada & Elena Arce

Elena is Spanish and Stefano is Italian. But their cuisine is anything but typical! Elena hails from the South of Spain, while Stefano is from the North of Italy. Together, they create subtle and unique Mediterranean cuisine that combines elements from both land and the sea. Elena’s sunny and feminine flavors are fortified by Stefano’s powerful culinary influences from Germany. The result? Dishes made for sharing and celebrating…and chock full of character and authenticity!

Héloise Brion, Irene Berni & Sabrina Goldin

Inspired by fresh ingredients and bright colors and bursting with positive energy, Héloise, Irene, and Sabrina created a menu that each of these three New Makers describes as “super feminine.” For these young chefs, the decision was easy: they wanted to make recipes that they would like to eat – and share! After all, each believes that nothing quite captures the heart of convivial and sustainable cooking like sharing. A typical plate? Joyful, harmonious, loaded with fruits and vegetables, and perfect for parties and get-togethers. With a unique touch of sensuality that the chefs create together.

Eyal Shani & Mory Sacko

If ever there was such a thing as an instant culinary connection, then this is it! Mory was born in France to Malian and Senegalese parents, and Eyal is Israeli. No matter, a quick glance was all it took to understand they wanted to cook together! Eyal was enticed by the talent and spontaneity of Mory, while Mory was attracted to the enthusiasm and rebellious spirit of Eyal. Within seconds, a bond had formed. The two chefs incorporate a common love of freedom into their new-age creations. Eyal, loud and charming, searched the grapevines for the quintessential philosopher’s stone. Mory, quiet and concentrated, boldly added a Japanese touch to this one-of-a-kind dish that mesmerizes anyone who’s lucky enough to try it. Mory perfectly sums up this extraordinary collaboration: “I thought I knew what it meant to be free, but then I met a totally free spirit.” He concludes: “We love the same sense of freedom!”

Ana Arce & Charles Compagnon

Charles lived in Spain and his love for the Iberian world is immediately reflected in his cuisine. He and Ana share a love of seasonal products, a passion for warm and convivial cooking, and a desire to constantly create new recipes. For these two pioneers of modern cuisine, the best recipe is always the one they’re about to make. Their guiding principle? Pleasure – both for themselves and others. The joy they feel while cooking together is conveyed by their creations: bright, colorful, fresh, and unmistakably charming.