VINTAGE BRUT 2004 Veuve Clicquot - 仔牛のフィレ肉の海苔巻きにオイスターソースを添えて 40分 40分 8人分 放し飼いの仔牛のフィレ肉 海苔 照り焼きソース 炒りごま 伝統的なオイスターソース(仔牛の肉汁で風味付け) 仔牛のフィレ肉の海苔巻きにオイスターソースを添えて Trim and cut the veal into tenderloin fillets into strips of 2cm squared. Drop them quickly into a frying pan to give them a lovely caramelization; cool them again in order to keep the interior a nice medium-rare. Brush the nori seaweed sheets with teriyaki sauce. Sprinkle on some of the roasted sesame seeds; line up then roll the veal tenderloin strips, almost like a maki roll. Chop it into mini-bites 2.5 cm thick. Serve them with a traditional oyster sauce flavored with veal stock. 子牛のテンダーロイン France