Cave privée 1989 Veuve Clicquot - Fresh abalone tempura on wakamé salaad 40 minutes 40 minutes Serves 8 Abalones (fresh are preferred) Seafood stock Lemongrass Sesame oil Soy sauce Tempura paste Grape seed oil Wakame seaweed salad Roasted sesame seeds Fresh abalone tempura on wakamé salaad Cook the abalones at low temperature in the stock, with lemongrass. Next, slice them into thin slices and marinate them with sesame seed oil and soy sauce. Lastly, dip them in a mixture of tempura batter then fry them at a high temperature in the grape seed oil. To garnish, use the abalone shell, garnished with a wakame seaweed salad, and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds. Sea Shell France