Our mission is to inspire people to live a bigger life, a more exciting life. Those New Makers are inspiring as they give themselves the chance to make their dreams a reality. They do not hesitate to shake the pre-established codes of their category. They constantly invent and reinvent themselves. Male or female, they come from all over the world, from all generations. They are game-changers, they are shaping the future with true optimism, they own an authentic voice.

New Makers : Charles Compagnon

We asked New Maker @charlescompagnon to create a dish especially for Yellow Label Brut Champagne. Boldness and innovation are the driving values behind the cooking at his two Paris restaurants, along with the craft coffee he produces and his work as a sommelier. Local, seasonal produce inspire the menus at @lericher_ and @52faubourgsaintdenis, using ingredients grown near his country home. #LiveClicquot 

It’s rhubarb and asparagus season, and @charlescompagnon's Breaded White Asparagus with Rhubarb Salad, designed especially for our Yellow Label Brut Champagne, makes for a fresh addition to summer tables. Here's how he made it:
You’ll need a stick of white asparagus for each person, flour, two eggs, parmesan and breadcrumbs, clarified butter for cooking, a small bunch of rhubarb, a small bunch of green asparagus, plus two more eggs, and the juice of half a lemon to make the sabayon.
Prepare the salad first, by thinly slicing or using a mandolin to cut a little rhubarb and asparagus for each person, and combine.
Next, make the sabayon, by whisking together the eggs, then adding the lemon juice once they begin to foam. Continue whisking until you have a thicker, custard-like consistency.
Mix together a little flour, the parmesan and breadcrumbs, then beat together two eggs with salt and pepper and add the dry ingredients to make the crumb.
Trim the white asparagus, tie together and blanch for a few minutes in boiling water, then coat in the crumb mixture and saute in clarified butter to brown.
Serve immediately, with the rhubarb and asparagus salad, a spoonful of citrus sabayon and a glass of Veuve Clicquot's Yellow Label Brut Champagne.


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