Champagne Vintages

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Distinctive and powerful, each Vintage is the unique expression of a single harvest chosen for its remarkable quality and loyalty to the House’s style. Vintages with exceptional qualities and unparalleled aging potential are carefully preserved for decades at the heart of Veuve Clicquot’s chalk cellars in Reims, making up the Cave Privée.


The "Rich" name first appeared in Maison Veuve Clicquot's archives in 1876 to refer to wines destined for the United Kingdom, distinguishing them from "dry" wines. In 1995, Jacques Péters recreated a Vintage Rich based on the 1988 Vintage, which at the time was sweetened with a "dosage" (mixture of sugar and Champagne wine) of 35 g/L. Produced only during exceptional years, Vintage Rich fascinated the gastronomic world and inspired the richest and most creative flavor combinations.

As with every vintage, this wine is a reflection of the year's weather and climate. 2008 ended wonderfully with the grapes maturing in ideal conditions. The harvests, grouped together throughout Champagne, took place between mid-September and early October, in perfect weather. The quality of this harvest was exceptional, with great potential for aging. Naturally then, 2008 was declared a Veuve Clicquot Vintage, the third in the decade following 2002 and 2004 and the House's 65th since its first Vintage of 1810. 

New to this 2008 Vintage: 5% of the wines were produced and aged in wooden casks from forests in Central France, from Allier and Vosges. This was to increase the complexity and aromatic richness of our Vintages, our gourmet wines. These cask-aged wines act as the spices for the blend. They bring very lightly woody, vanilla and toasted aromas.

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Tasting Notes


Clear, brilliant, gold color glitters

Fine and voluptuous effervescence


Delicate floral fragrances

Freshness of white fruit fragrance (pear, apple)

Rich notes of fleshy fruit

(Mirabelle plum, peach, mango)

On the palate, the taste is clean and gentle. In perfect harmony with the nose, aromas of flowers and white fruits bring tremendous freshness that combines perfectly with the full and round character of its sweet pastry aromas (apple, Mirabelle plum tart). Its careful dosage creates a perfect balance of vivacity and creaminess on the palate that leads into a refined finish.

We are Clicquot

We are Clicquot

Episode #2 : Marie-Pascale, Manual dressing

Episode #2 : Marie-Pascale, Manual dressing

Marie-Pascale was born and raised in Champagne, as were her parents. She works in the specialty bottle-labeling workshop, meticulously dressing the most distinguished bottles of the House – often by hand. This job is a true art form that can employ leather, plated gold, or other high-end materials. The first thing you notice about champagne is its bottle – so it must be perfect – to represent the quality of Veuve Clicquot. Discover Marie-Pascale’s story.

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