Manato Ueno

Manato Ueno is a Japanese chef. He discovered the unique savoir-faire of sushi mastery, from handling seasonal ingredients to traditional techniques, in a renown sushi restaurant in Ginza. After teaching the basics of Japanese cooking in Vietnam and Italy, as well as in Macau to open a sushi pop-up restaurant, he now works as a chef in Japan for private parties and events such as the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. Manato is a man who loves precision and excellence. He also loves to share his culinary art; his hospitality is greatly appreciated by those who know him and valued in various fields.


Tazuna-zushi - Revised

I believe that enjoying champagne and food together creates an opportunity to strengthen the connection between people. It would be my pleasure if I could make people happy with the colorful Tazuna-zushi that pairs perfectly with Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label.

Enjoy the texture, aroma and umami of the sushi.

The balance of the rice, blending different types of rice with various umami and aroma, and acidity of the vinegar was key for this pairing. Including sushi rice and traditionally prepared fish, a hint of spicy pineapple ginger lurks between the colorful vegetables and fruits Crab and avocado lie in the center of the sushi, with a touch of refreshing taste of sudachi. No matter where you bite into, you will be able to enjoy the texture, aroma and umami of the sushi.

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