YELLOW LABEL BRUT CHAMPAGNE Serves 10 10 dory fish fillets (about 90 grams) 2 kg of live velvet swimming crabs 40 g finely chopped onions 40 g finely chopped shallots 100 g crushed garlic 100 g cognac 200 g Pastis liqueur 100 g crème fleurette (whipping cream) 10 asparagus tips 5 purple artichokes or 2 hearts of turned artichokes 90 g of "carrot balls" Olive oil, salt, ground pepper, rosemary, butter (to taste) Dory fish sautéed on one side with artichoke, velvet crab and rosemary bisque Wash and drain the swimming crabs. Brown them with olive oil. Add the onions, shallots and crushed garlic. Sauté it all together then flambé the concoction with cognac and pastis. Reduce the sauce by half, then replace the amount with water equivalent, add fresh rosemary. Simmer for 45 minutes. Take off heat, blend everything together in blender, sieve it well before putting it back on the stove. Reduce the mixture until it takes on a more syrupy consistency. Add cream and season to taste. Blanche the asparagus then cool them in ice water. Turn the artichokes, cut in half and sauté them covered in butter. Then add the balls of carrots and asparagus for a crisp vegetable texture, season well. Sauté the dory fillets unilaterally (skin side only) in a nonstick pan with olive oil. Season. To serve, arrange the vegetables on the plate, then the fish. Pour the emulsified bisque atop it all, and garnish with a sprig of rosemary. Asparagus White fish Sea Shell France