A retro treat loved by old and young alike, waffles can be eaten on the street or on a plate in a gourmet restaurant.

Flour-based dough is available in many different varieties. Our half wheat flour, half maize flour version lends a sweet taste to this waffle, brought out by the red fruits. A perfect match for the Veuve Clicquot Rosé cuvée.


Prepare a marinade in a bowl with the seeds of a vanilla pod, a spoonful of honey and some balsamic vinegar.
Hull a few strawberries, cut them in half, add raspberries and drizzle with the marinade.
Set aside.
Prepare the waffle iron
Mix together the wheat flour and maize flour, sugar, a pinch of salt, a little baking powder and a few drops of vanilla essence. Add an egg, milk and vegetable oil.
Whisk together.
Set aside.
Butter the inside of a waffle iron to make a series of four waffles.
Arrange the waffles on top of each other.
Add the red fruit salad, marinade and some pomegranate seeds.

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