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L'histoire du prix

Madame Clicquot was a trailblazer of her time. Widowed, in October 1805, she single-handedly took on her late husband’s champagne business, and went on to pioneer several industry innovations whilst demonstrating her unparalleled creative dexterity.

Created in 1972 , the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award and New Generation Award pay homage to Madame Clicquot, the first woman to establish herself as such a leading woman figure in the business world. Since the BWA inception, the worthy woman heirs of la "grande dame de la Champagne"  have been recognized for their own unique and pioneering qualities. Meeting challenges and breaking ceilings, these Award winners share an entrepreneurial spirit, audacious foresight, firm creativity and talent. Like Veuve Clicquot herself, the Award has enjoyed an international dimension, honoring more than 300 women in 27 countries since its inception.

Les catégories de Prix

Business Woman Award

Created in 1972 as a tribute to Madame Clicquot, the award champions successful business women who share the same qualities as her. Highly prized and sought after, it is the first international award created to recognise the contribution that women have made to business.

New Generation Award

The New Generation Award (or “Prix Clémentine” in French) was established in 2014, recognizing the new generation of woman entrepreneurs that Veuve Clicquot sees as the next formidable generation of business women.

Business Woman Award



Founder or director of an activity based in her country. Driving force behind the company’s success due to a pioneering approach. Excellent business sense, dynamism, innovation, daring and adventure.


True commitment of the candidate to responsible and sustainable business practices such as a carefully considered environmental policy. A concern for the quality of employees’ working lives and for healthy teamwork, as well as for diversity in the workplace and generous employee benefits


Supporting, planning, pushing the envelope and demonstrating the ability to motivate employees and partners.

Une dirigeante engagée

Accompagner, planifier, repousser les limites, avoir la capacité de motiver ses salariés et ses partenaires.

New Generation Award



Uncommon intuition to create a creative and adventurous business that’s in keeping with the times, has plugged a gap in today’s market and offered a new service.


Founder or director of a visionary activity based in her country. Possessing a dynamic personality, a keen sense of adaptability and tremendous dedication.


Commitment to responsible business practices such as a sustainable environmental policy at the heart of the company’s activity, the well-being of its employees, work spaces that encourage motivation and creativity, the development of talent and a healthy work – life balance.

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