ROSÉ CHAMPAGNE Veuve Clicquot - Cherry tomato zakouski 40 minutes Serves 8 2 8 cherry tomatoes 4 scallops 1 pinch lemon zest 10 cl cream 4 basil leaves 2 tbsp. olive oil Salt Ground pepper Cherry tomato zakouski Blanche the cherry tomatoes. Sauté the scallops until beautifully browned on both sides. Blend the scallops with cream and chopped lemon zest; refrigerate. Cut the top off the tomatoes then squeeze them empty by pressing on the sides. Using a pastry bag, stuff the tomatoes with the St- Jacques cold cream and replace their “caps.” Balance them onto Zakouski spoons and season. Blending the basil leaves with olive oil, drizzle this mixture over the tomatoes just before serving. Cherry tomatoes Sea Shell France