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In 1805, a entrepreneurship-world pioneer, Madame Clicquot upset the codes of her time. Following her husband’s passing, Madame Clicquot became legally independent and received, aged 27, the right to take up the Clicquot Maison, established in 1772. With courage, rigor and drive, and “only one quality, the finest” as motto, she addressed one challenge after the other, turning her champagne house into a global and successful house.

Created in 1972, for the bicentenary of the Maison, the The Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award and New Generation Award pay tribute to Madame Clicquot and celebrate the success of business women worldwide who have the same inspirational qualities as her. Since its creation, the prize has now recognized over 350 women in 27 different countries.

Nominations opening for the 2018 edition

Prize categories

BWA presentation
Launched in 1972 for Veuve Clicquot’s bicentennial, the Business Woman Award annually rewards exceptional women in entrepreneurship for their success, may the latter be related to innovation, a vision of responsibility in business or an exceptional economic performance.

NGA presentation
Since 2013, the New Generation Award rewards all those that represent the future generation of audacious women in entrepreneurship.

Business Woman Award


Entrepreneurial spirit

Founder or director of an activity based in Canada. Driving force behind the company’s success due to a pioneering approach. Excellent business sense, dynamism, innovation, daring and adventure.

A successful economic model

Profitable growth sustained for several years, with a healthy balance sheet. Value creation attributable to the visionary management of its director.

A responsible business

True commitment of the candidate to responsible and sustainable business practices such as a carefully considered environmental policy. A concern for the quality of employees’ working lives and for healthy teamwork, as well as for diversity in the workplace and generous employee benefits.

A committed director

Supporting, planning, pushing the envelope and demonstrating the ability to motivate employees and partners.

New Generation Award


A sense of innovation

Uncommon intuition to create a creative and adventurous business that’s in keeping with the times, has plugged a gap in today’s market and offered a new service.

An intuitive entrepreneurial spirit

Founder or director of a visionary activity based in Canada. Possessing a dynamic personality, a keen sense of adaptability and tremendous dedication.

Corporate social responsibility

Commitment to responsible business practices such as a sustainable environmental policy at the heart of the company’s activity, the well-being of its employees, work spaces that encourage motivation and creativity, the development of talent and a healthy work – life balance.

Business Woman Award