Cave privée rosé 1990 Veuve Clicquot - Kobe beef with smoked eel and coral sauce 40 minutes 40 minutes Serves 8 Kobe beef fillets Smoked eel fillets Hazelnut butter Corail d'oursins (sea urchin sauce) Wild mushroom stir-fry (girolles, black trumpet, chanterelle mushrooms, etc) Kobe beef with smoked eel and coral sauce Trim a Kobe beef fillet and cut it into uniform slices, lengthwise. Alternate a slice of beef with a layer of smoked eel fillet. Tie up the meat construction with eel skin. Caramelize the roast with hazelnut butter, basting it regularly, and finish its cooking at a low oven temperature. Meanwhile, make a sauce with beef trimmings of the filet, reducing its consistency and adding some some coral sea urchin sauce. To plate, arrange the sliced meat and decorate it with a splash of the sauce, and garnish with the stir-fried wild mushrooms. Mushroom Eel Kobe beef France