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The end-of-year holidays are a convivial time of joy and celebration, sharing and togetherness. For many, an excellent glass of champagne or holiday aperitif signals the start of the festive season. But which champagne to choose? Should it be vintage champagne or non-vintage? And which ones go best with holiday menu?

Fear not – Veuve Clicquot is here! Since our House was founded in 1772, it has become synonymous with spreading joy and delight, and we have a champagne for every special moment during the holiday season. So whether you and your guests prefer a classic champagne or one with an audacious twist, a festive champagne cocktail or elegant vintage champagne, Veuve Clicquot has your holidays covered!

The Signature The symbol of Veuve Clicquot’s art of blending, Yellow Label defines the House style through a perfect balance of strength, aromatic intensity, freshness and silkiness. A must-have for any festive get-together, its lively bubbles and vibrant yellow label will brighten your holiday table.

Holiday HintYellow Label is the perfect go-anywhere holiday guest: it’s equally at ease at a New Year's toast, a Christmas aperitif or throughout the holiday meal. Cheers !

The Innovative OneDid you know? Madame Clicquot herself created the very first-known blended rosé champagne exactly 200 years ago by breaking with accepted practices. The result was Veuve Clicquot Rosé. Get inspired and add an innovative touch to your holiday table this year! This wine of character, distinct in taste, color and aroma is sure to be the star of every fête.

Holiday Hint
It’s not just for dessert! Veuve Clicquot Rosé can accompany rich holiday dishes such as duck, as well as desserts like red  fruits.

The Playful OneChampagne cocktail, anyone? Veuve Clicquot Rich is a new playful drinking experience, created for mixology. This holiday season, bring out your inner mixologist – or ‘Clicquologist’ – and create your own taste experience. Pair Veuve Clicquot Rich with a selection of fresh ingredients: pineapple, grapefruit zest, cucumber, celery, pepper, ginger or tea, all on the rocks.

Holiday Hint1, 2, 3 - Rich! Create your Rich cocktail in three easy steps. 1 – place five ice cubes in a large wine glass. 2 – add one of the recommended ingredients. 3 – finish with chilled Rich or Rich Rosé.

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