VINTAGE BRUT 2004 Veuve Clicquot - Tart of archic char with young leeks and summer truffle 40 minutes 10 minutes Serves 4 2 2 chars of 300 g apiece, preferably from the Lac d’Annecy 6 baby leeks 300 g puff pastry crust 50 g unsalted butter 30 g slivers of fresh summer truffle 4 shiso leaves For the vinaigrette: 2.5 cl of balsamic vinegar 2.5 cl champagne vinegar 1 tbsp. Reims mustard 4 cl truffle juice 10 cl grape seed oil 5 cl truffle oil Tart of archic char with young leeks and summer truffle Prepare fish, fillet them gently. Deboning and portioning the fillets nets 4 equal pieces. Refrigerate. Clean and cook whole leeks in boiling salted water. Then cool, drain and cut them diagonally. Roll out the pastry onto a sheet of parchment paper, forming a square 2 mm thick. Cut it with a pastry cutter into 4 dough crusts of 8 cm apiece. Place each portion on a baking sheet, poke holes with a fork into them. Cover with cling film and refrigerate crusts for 1 hour. Preheat oven to 200°C. Bake the dough and cook for around 10 minutes so the pieces are crispy and lightly browned. Remove crusts and cool on a rack. Prepare the vinaigrette with its ingredients and beat it with a whisk. Season the sliced leeks with this vinaigrette, then lay them gently and evenly over each baked puff pastry. In a frying pan, heat a little olive oil and fresh butter. Season the portions of char, then brown them on their skin side in a skillet over medium heat, for 3 minutes. Turn the fish at the last moment and place each piece onto the ready-filled pies. Serve with a beautiful seasoned shiso leaf and a strip of vinaigrette dressing. Arrange a few slices of freshly grated truffle for an even more gourmet appeal. White fish Leeks France