Kotaro Noda

Chef of the restaurant FARO* in Shiseido Ginza (Tokyo) - Japan

Winning his second Michelin star in 2017, he became the first Japanese chef to gain the Michelin recognition twice. At his restaurant “Faro” in Ginza, Tokyo, his fully vegan dishes embody his experiences in Italy through the lens of the Japanese culture of cherishing the ambience and taste of each season.


Seasonal ingredients from selected farmers

"We offer cutting edge vegan and a standard course menu assembled upon the seasonal ingredients we receive from specially selected farmers and growers around Japan.

In both courses, guests will be able to experience the seasonality and locality of each ingredients and we strongly recommend the vegan course for the “Full” Garden Gastronomy Experience to pair with La Grande Dame 2012 in particular."

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This Dish is constructed with boiled cabbage leaf stuffed with cashew nuts, amaranthus seeds, fermented cabbage, dry tomatoes, endo beans and kumin seeds that brings slightly sweet and spicy tendency.

Pairing with La Grande Dame

The Silky and creamy texture with very fine and delicate bubbles of La Grande Dame harmonizes with the pronounced vegetal and fresh acid notes of the dish making it softer.

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"At Faro Shiseido Ginza, we aspire to be a beacon in the heart of Ginza providing a new type of restaurant, creating dishes that transcend cuisine-specific boundaries. The entire team works to establish connections with farmers, fishermen and producers all around the country. The selection of tableware represents original works of fine and traditional artisans Japan has to offer. We combine the traditional and innovative side of Modern Italian cooking with the rich culinary tradition of Japan, to produce highly original, leading edge cuisine."
At Faro in Ginza, I thrive to express what I have fostered in Italy in the Japanese culture of cherishing ambience and taste of each season. It is in a way, an art to create, through my senses and the power of my entire team, a restaurant that is enjoyable for all the guests who chose to come and dine here.
Kotaro Noda

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