The best parties always start with a bang. When the cork of the champagne bottle pops, the signal is given and everyone knows that the festivities can really commence.



Champagne is a unique wine. The natural partner of celebrations, great events and unforgettable moments, the wine that we long to place on beautifully set tables. As Madame Clicquot liked to say about her wines, “they should flatter the palate and the eye”, to which we’ll take the liberty of adding, “and the spirit”. Because champagne is best drunk with light-heartedness and joy.

LGD 2008

LGD 2008

This year, as always, take care to dream big, bright and beautiful. Set up a table that’s worthy of a celebration. On it, place tulip glasses, perfect for giving the bubbles space to evolve whilst retaining the champagne’s aromas. And once that’s done? Keep your ears open for that unmistakable pop, and let the good times roll. 


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